Taken during a visit to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. Isaiah Zagar is a madman.

Taken during a recent visit to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. Isaiah Zagar is a madman. And he likes genitals.

Welcome to the Tenderfoot Club!

This is a blog covering everything from managing a budget to experimenting with new cuisines to cultivating a green thumb in a backyard garden. And everything in between. At its core, this blog revolves around self-reliance and the idea that life demands innovation and creativity in every facet. While this is extremely exciting, it can also be daunting when there is so much to learn.

What does “tenderfoot” even mean?

Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition for “tenderfoot”: a newcomer in a comparatively rough or newly settled region; especially :  one not hardened to frontier or outdoor life

The idea behind the blog is to focus on the journey to sustainability and self-sufficiency but with a heavy dose of realism. Getting out of debt is a primary goal, but it’s also not realistic for me to scrape by wearing handmade clothes and eating a daily ration of beans to get there (side note: I love beans). Similarly, I’d love to have a 25-acre farm and the cash to buy a big John Deere tractor, but I can have a productive garden in my backyard with some careful planning. But this is all a learning process for me – I’m always cognizant of my “tenderfoot” status.

About the Author

I’m a 20-something living in Virginia with my fiancé, CK, and our adorably bashful pup, Sydney. I have a full-time job as a consultant, and every day is a little different. I have a master’s degree in public policy, and my college majors were English and communications. Try not to judge me too harshly for any grammatical errors or typos. I hung up my “Grammar Nazi” hat a while ago.

Things that I enjoy: reading, pretending I can cook, Crossfit, hiking & camping (I try not to have one without the other), horseback riding, traveling, and collecting spoons.

I told you she was bashful.

I told you she was bashful.


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